BEF Multi-Planers surface planers / scabblers & scarifiers


The SPE BEF™ Multi-Planer range are strong, efficient and highly effective planer / scarifier solutions. Machines are available with 200mm, 275mm and 320mm cutting widths, as well as 360mm & 500mm skidsteer versions.

BEF 200™: 110V 50 Hz Single Phase Electric Multiplane

Many years experience in design and operation of surface preparation equipment have been integrated with the latest computer aided design resulting in the BEF 200™ Multiplane Range.

The BEF 200™ Multiplane range of products are strong and reliable with modern, clean lines which will appeal to the image concious company. Close attention to detail has resulted in an efficient machine with optimum weight distribution ensuring a high work rate. Every component is carefully designed and field tested for strength and durability.
The BEF 200™ Multiplane range is safe and simple to operate with no exposed moving parts. Each machine is supplied with a comprehensive operating and maintenance manual containing all the information needed to ensure that the BEF 200™ always performs to its full potential.
Product Specifications
Power Output (Hp):3
Cutter Head Speed (rpm):1753
Cutter Working Width (mm):200
Working Distance From Wall (mm):45
With BEF 60 (mm):5 - 8
Motor Speed (rpm):2870
Electric Specifications
Voltage (v):110
Cycles (Hz):50
Plug Size:32 Amp 3 Pin
Cable Size (mm):4.0 - 3 Core
Max. Cable Length (m):30
Transformer (Kva):5
Generator (Kva):8
Product Dimensions
Length (mm):940
Width (mm):340
Height (mm):905
Weight (Kg):54

Part code: 20000

20000: Heavy Duty Drum

Part code: 20001

20001: Heavy Duty Drum with TCT Cutters

Part code: 20002

20002: Heavy Duty Drum with Beam Cutters

Part code: 20003

20003: Heavy Duty Drum Complete with Milling Cutters

Part code: 20010

20010: Heavy Duty Flail Shaft

Part code: 20020

20020: Wire Brush - Crimped

Part code: 20021

20021: Wire Brush - Twist Knot

Part code: 24140

24140: Hardened Spacing Washer

Part code: 44600

44600: 6 Point TCT Cutter

Part code: 45120

45120: Heat Treated Steel Beam Cutter

Part code: 45121

45121: Set of Beam Cutters

Part code: 45500

45500: 5 Point TCT Cutter

Part code: 45501

45501: Set of TCT Cutters and Spacers

Part code: 45600

45600: Tungsten Carbide Tipped Milling Cutter

Part code: 45601

45601: Set of Milling Cutters

Part code: BEF 60™

BEF 60™ : BEF 200™ Edger Attachment
50mm dust extraction port
Dust free when operated with SPE 316 vacuum
Large diameter wheels for excellent mobility and stability
Monocoque construction is rigid, strong and accurate
Screw type raise and lower control
Firm engine mounting plate
Front wheels protected from debris
Cleaning and Texturing concrete and asphalt
Removal of paint, rust, grease, ice deposits, line markings, and concrete laitance
Concrete reduction and scabbling
Removal of roof chippings
Grooving applications
Cleaning concrete formwork and shuttering
Non-slip finishes
Removal of concrete and plaster droppings
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